Ships that pass in the day

A 14 feet mahogany clinker classic built by Wright & sons, Ipswich, before 1975 this beautiful dinghy was saved  by Bill Dunbar former (Cullen ‘’ loon’’ and erstwhile shipwright) from the ignominy of being burned on the beach, and was named Phoenix. The restoration was a fine  project for our boat builders.

Out of the water for some years she came without a deck, needing some new ribs and loving care but her sails and rigging were in surprisingly good condition. Although not yet fully water tight Finlay and Ashley took her for her sea trial escorted by a crew of Sea School rowers in Mairi on a beautiful Saturday morning a month ago. As expected from her fine lines Phoenix can really sail and will leave many younger sisters in her wake. Apart from a little sail tweaking  she is ready for next season. A great addition to CSS growing  fleet. Congratulations to our boat builders!

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