Paddle Sports

What are Paddle Sports?

Sports that involve paddling! At Cullen Sea School, we have double and single sit-on kayaks, sea kayaks and stand-up paddle boards for you to learn on.

What’s special about paddling at Cullen Sea School?

Paddling at Cullen Sea School is gaining lots of momentum – we are enthusiastic, motivated and ready to fall in!

We have a fantastic instruction team led by our Coach, Alice Banks, who is a BC UKCC Level 1 Coach with First Aid certification.   Alice is assisted by Norman Banks (3* white-water skills, 3* sea skills, First Aid).  So, we’re in safe hands.

The rest of us have lots of room for improvement, which makes it a perfect time to join in.

Alice has devised a series of fun sessions in line with the British Canoeing ‘Start’ and 1* Syllabus to ensure that we all learn sound, basic skills and make our progress within a safe environment.  At Cullen Sea School, we ask that members and visitors complete Stage 3 before craft can be hired for personal use in the harbour; and before moving on to Stage 4 and 5:


Splash and PlayA purely-for-fun session for water-confident children under 12, along with a parent/guardian/carer.
Stage 1Familiarisation with Sea School equipment
Safety briefing (weather, harbour, group)
Warm-up game
On the water: posture, paddle grip, turning, stopping, moving around
Stage 2Safety briefing
Refine paddle strokes: forward paddling, sweep strokes, draw strokes
Raft race
Free time
Stage 3Safety briefing
Steering: using stern and bow rudder strokes
Paddling: fast and accurately round a course
Stage 4Sea kayak: everything you did in Stage 2 and 3... in a sea kayak
How to rescue and be rescued
Stage 5Sea kayak: leave the shelter of the harbour and continue to improve technique
Beach landing in small waves
Self rescue and balance games back in the harbour

We have sessions available for both members and non-members running throughout July and August 2017.  Please go to our events page for dates and times, and our prices page if you are a non-member.

Ready to paddle?  Please call 01542 840830 or visit the School to make a booking.

What equipment do I need?

Do you have your own wetsuit and closed shoes for the water?  Bring them along!  We do have a range of wetsuits and wet-shoes at the School too.  We also supply buoyancy aids, which are compulsory.

Ready to paddle?

Our new 2018 calendar will be live in February/March 2018 so please call on 01542 840830 to enquire about a booking. Please note that summer season will run between April and September in 2018.

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